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    Hi, I'm Jeannie.


    As a qualified yoga teacher and healer I have been practising and teaching since 2005. I also come with a background in psychotherapy, the verbal creativity of a writer, learned body awareness techniques and massage - all of which I bring to the mat and into the healing moment.

    Yoga Workshops London

    Yoga, meditation and healing


    Yoga, Meditation and Healing Workshops are designed to clear the body and clean the mind. Every three-hour Workshop has a different theme and includes Kundalini kriyas and pranayam, yoga asanas or postures and a guided visualisation and healing.

    Yoga Retreats

    rejuvenate and have fun


    Yoga, Meditation and Healing Retreats offer seven-plus days away from your weekly routine in destinations as wonderfully diverse as Spain or India. Each Retreat combines yoga practice and group healing as well as meditation, delicious food and more.

    Private Yoga Classes

    STRENGTHEN your practice


    Private yoga classes are 75-minutes to focus on you. Practitioners will be taken through a practice comprised of Vinyasan, Scarivelli, Sivananda, Kundalini and Yin. Optional hand-on adjustments throughout.


    find your joy


    The healing I offer is simple and powerful and helps to reconnect you to source. My training is Melchizedek and Reiki as well as time spent with two shaman along the road. The energies comings in and doing their work are universal.


    ‘Thank you so much for a great workshop. A beautiful journey that you took us through with utmost spirituality and connectedness.’

    Freddy, business consultant


    ‘I left the workshop in a true state of elation with such fantastic energy coupled with the purest of peace. It is a wonderful thing to truly know in your heart that for at least a moment you are in exactly the right place at the right time doing exactly the right thing.’

    Lucy, student


  • Retreats


    The next Yoga, Meditation and Healing Retreat at the Suryalila Retreat Centre in sunny Spain is from Saturday July 20 - Saturday July 27 2019. Please see attached flyer.


    If you are interested in joining us for the 2019 Retreat please contact Jeannie.


  • 'Thanks for a really wonderful week. You have bountiful energy, and we felt it so strongly. You made sure all of us were happy and part of the group, and I felt very welcomed and loved. The yoga was fab, just what the doctor ordered, and I loved the fact that it was in a spiritual and healing context.'

    Pam Gregory, astrologer

    'I wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing week in Barbados. I loved every minute of it. I felt truly 'bountiful, blissful and beautiful'. I keep closing my eyes and remembering the feeling of the warm sun and the sound of the waves coming into the yoga room and your voice reminding us to drop the mind.'

    Fiona Curran, artist and teacher

  • Private Yoga Classes


    Enjoy the attention of one-on-one yoga or invite your family and friends.


    Tailored sessions may include asana practice, meditation practice, kriyas specific to your needs, diet and lifestyle advice plus a healing/self-healing 'taster'.


    Classes cost £95 for 75 minutes. Please contact Jeannie to book or for more information.


  • 'I walked back home after the yoga class and I felt like wings in my back and a smile on my face, thank you so much for this afternoon! A new beginning I feel ... '

    Cathy, artist

    'The relaxation stage of the class came and with the lights turned down and feeling very calm I started to feel tears welling up inside of me and filling my eyes. I felt worried and slightly foolish wondering what was happening to me but was assured by Jeannie's explanation that it was stress leaving my body.'

    Christian Barrett, taxi driver

  • Healing


    A directed healing allowing Reiki and Melchizedek attunement within the greater flowing in of life. Healing can be transmitted hands-on or at a distance.


    Healings cost £105 for 90 minutes. House and space clearings are also available. For more information or to book please contact Jeannie.


  • 'The healing was heart- and eye-opening. It scraped away the artificial cover and brought forward the real me.'

    Heidi, IT support

    'After two healing sessions I have a better understanding of my inner self without judging, Jeannie really helped me put my random thoughts together when I was going through the 'eventful' period of my life.'

    Olga, computer programmer

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